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International Conference & Final DayWater Workshop on
Decision Support  for Integrated Urban Stormwater Management

DayWater public and restricted access deliverables:

D1.1a First Management Report (03/10/2003) restricted access

D1.1b First Periodic Report with Cost Statements (06/05/2004) restricted access

D1.1c Third Management Report (23/07/2004) restricted access

D1.1d Second Periodic Report with Cost Statements (24/01/2005) restricted access

D1.1e Fifth Management Report (25/07/2005) restricted access

D1.1f Final Management Report (03/03/2006) restricted access

D1.2 Procedure of selection of case studies for final testing (28/07/2004) restricted access

D1.3 Quality Control - Procedure Definition (13/02/2003)

D1.4a Kick-off meeting (Paris) proceedings (24/01/2003)

D1.4b First annual meeting (Athens) proceedings (13/11/2003)

D1.4c Second annual meeting (Copenhagen) proceedings (22/11/2004)

D1.4d Third annual meeting (Prague) proceedings (20/07/2005)

D1.5 Internal web-site (18/12/2003) restricted access

D1.6 Consortium Agreement (06/06/2003) restricted access

D1.7 External web-site (18/12/2003) see www.daywater.cz

D1.10 Proceedings of  8 National Conferences (24/04/2004)

D1.11a First DayWater Newsletter - (French version) print in A5-format! (15/07/2003)

D1.11b Second DayWater Newsletter (30/03/2004)

D1.11c Third DayWater Newsletter (15/10/2004)

D1.11d Fourth DayWater Newsletter (30/03/2005)

D1.12a First CityNet press release (03/11/2003)

D1.12b Second CityNet press release (12/12/2003)

D1.12c Third CityNet press release (27/07/2004)

D1.12d Fourth CityNet press release (25/08/2005): announcement of Final DayWater Conference (3-4 November 2005)

D2.1 Review of decision support tools (15/12/2003)

D2.2 Software architecture (01/12/2003) restricted access

D2.3 Template of ADSS including improved and additional components (01/09/2004) restricted access

D2.4 Full ADSS for testing with case studies (21/12/2005) see www.daywater.cz

D2.5 Final ADSS product for dissemination (21/12/2005) restricted access

D3.1 Report including information from the end-user and mental maps derived from the interviews (06/02/2004) restricted access

D3.2 A comparative description of decision making processes related to USWM in Europe (15/06/2005)

D3.3 A methodology for carrying out attractor analysis (11/11/2005)

D3.4 A methodology for carrying out sensitivity analysis (Ambition reflection) (30/11/2005)

D3.5 Miscelleanous decision making tools for incorporating USWM in urban development (30/11/2005)

D4.1 White paper on risks related to USWM (11/12/2003)

D4.2 Methodology for assessing environmental risks to surface waters, soils and groundwater (17/01/2006)

D4.3 Proposed justified list of Priority pollutants (10/01/2006)

D4.4 Database on priority pollutants (10/01/2006)

D4.5 Report on biotests applied on runoff and sediment pore water (23/12/2005)

D4.6 Methodology for screening vulnerability VAT (16/01/2006)

D4.7 Prototype of stand alone vulnerability screening tool FLEXT (16/01/2006)

D5.1 Literature review identifying the appropriateness of BMP's in Europe (20/08/2003)

D5.2 Methodology to assess the use of BMPs for USWM (30/01/2004)

D5.3 Database of benchmark indicators for BMPs (07/04/2005)

D5.4 Determination of numerical values for the assessment of BMPs (05/04/2005)

D5.5a Web-based catalogue (01/08/2005) restricted access

D5.5b Multi-criteria methodology (01/10/2005) restricted access

D6.1 Literature review of concepts and approaches for SFM (29/12/2005) restricted access

D6.2 Specification of a GIS database structure (19/07/2004)

D6.3 Methodology for evaluating hydrological impacts (01/04/2005)

D6.4 Methodology for adapting hydrological model to risk assessment (23/12/2005) restricted access

D6.5 Beta version of SFM, Matlab based (03/06/2004) restricted access

D6.6 Report and examples on the use of SFM (29/12/2005)

D6.7 Prototype of stand alone SFM

D6.8 Guidelines for using the SFM (28/11/2005)

D7.1a Characterisation of end-user sites (27/06/2003) restricted access

D7.1b Characterisation of end-user sites for ADSS development (14/05/2004) restricted access

D7.2 List of ADSS components to be tested (14/09/2004) restricted access

D7.3 Method of homogeneous testing of ADSS components (24/03/2006) restricted access

D7.4 ToR of the ADSS (26/10/2004) restricted access

D7.5 Report on ADSS field testing and proposed improvements

D7.6 Methodology for testing full ADSS (24/03/2006) restricted access

D7.7 Report on global ADSS testing (18/09/2006) restricted access

D7.8 Final report on ADSS performance assessment (18/09/2006) restricted access

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