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The WWW-YES-2007 scientific programme

by Daniel Thevenot - published on , updated on

6th edition of the World Wide Workshop for Young Environmental Scientists

Urban water, resource or risk: the developing countries perspective

24-27 April 2007 at Domaine de Cherioux, Vitry sur Seine (South Paris suburb)

Scientific programme with presentation authors and titles

As for previous editions since 2008, participants were invited to publish their paper on a specific WWW-YES-2007 Open Source sub-collection (HAL).

Note: Several e-mail addresses may have changed since 2007: see WWW-YES participant tables for actualised e-mail addresses.

Name Country E-mail Title of oral presentation
AROUA Nadjet Algeria arouanajet[AT] Urban vulnerability and resilience factors face to the hydro climatic risks in Algeria: terms of a problematic WWW-YES-2007-Aroua presentation
BALLESTE PAU Elisenda Spain eballeste[AT] Use of the bifidobacteries’ diversity for bacterial source tracking in water fecal pollution WWW-YES-2007-Ballestre-Pau-Presentation
BOUSQUET Anne France anne_bousquet[AT] « Centralized decentralization » versus « community privatization » : a new turn of water sector reforms ?WWW-YES-2007-Bousquet presentation
CHATZIMPIROS Petros Greece / France petros.chatzimpiros[AT] Water vs. ecological footprint: an approximation WWW-YES-2007-Chatzimpiros presentation
ENSINK Jeroen UK jeroen.ensink[AT] Sewage use in agriculture: can risks and benefits be balanced? WWW-YES-2007-Ensink presentation
GILLARD Nadia France nadia_rafidimanantsoa[AT] Study of lagoon for waste water treatment system as key element in city design WWW-YES-2007-Gillard presentation
HERVE-BAZIN Céline France / Morocco celine.hervebazin[AT] & celinehervebazin[AT] The importance of integrating a gender approach in water supply programs : the case of Lydec in Casablanca WWW-YES-2007-Herve-Bazin presentation
ISLAM Shafi Noor Germany / Bangladesh shafinoor[AT] Salinity Intrusion due to Fresh Water Scarcity in the Ganges Catchment : A Challenge for Urban Drinking Water and Mangrove Wetland Ecosystem in the Sundarbans Region, Bangladesh WWW-YES-2007-Islam-Shafi presentation
JUNG Sarah France jung[AT] Historical assessment of urban contamination in PCBs and PAHs in Lake Bourget through sediment analysis WWW-YES-2007-Jung presentation
LAMPREA MALDONADO Diana Katerine France katerine.lamprea[AT] Hydrologic experimental survey of urban separate catchments (Nantes, France) WWW-YES-2007-Lamprea presentation
LIPPONEN Annukka Finland / France a.lipponen[AT] Identification of tunnel sections vulnerable to contaminant transport in a peri-urban setting: case Helsinki metropolitan area WWW-YES-2007-Lipponen presentation
LOPEZ Hedia Tunisia trabelsi_hedia[AT] Participative and sustainable management of underground water
MEZGEBU MEDHANE Semret Ethiopia / Netherlands smezgebu[AT] The Impact of Water Harvesting in Mitigating Child Malnutrition in Tigray, Ethiopia WWW-YES-2007-Mezgebu presentation
MILOT Nicolas Canada milot.nicolas[AT] From public policy to social dynamic in Quebec watershed management WWW-YES-2007-Milot presentation
MPAKAM Hernanie Grelle Cameroon / France mhernaniegrelle[AT] Water supply in a sub-Saharan Africa town and socio-economic and sanitary impacts : case of Bafoussam (West-Cameroon) WWW-YES-2007-Mpakam presentation
PAMBRUN Vaitea France vaitea.pambrun[AT] Characterization of the toxic effects of Cadmium and 3.5-Dichlorophenol on growth and decay rates of nitrifying bacteria in biological activated sludge systems WWW-YES-2007-Pambrun presentation
PERNET-COUDRIER Benoît France pernet-coudrier[AT] Characterization of dissolved organic matter from discharge of a major French wastewater treatment plant and influence on copper toxicity WWW-YES-2007-Pernet-Coudrier presentation
SINGH Anu India / Spain anu29feb[AT] & anu29feb[AT] Urban Wastewater Treatment and Pollution Control by Microorganisms: Experiences of Developing Countries WWW-YES-2007-Singh presentation
SOU Mariam Burkina Faso / France mariam_sou[AT] Treated wastewater recycling in crop irrigation: assessment of their fertilizer value WWW-YES-2007-Sou presentation
VERMA Neelam India neelamverma.chem[AT] & neelam_15[AT] Performance evalution of aeration systems in improving water quality of a sewage fed lake WWW-YES-2007-Verma presentation
ZEBRACKI Mathilde France zebracki[AT] Short-term sediment dynamics and metallic-particle associated transfer in an urban river watercourse WWW-YES-2007-Zebracki presentation
WWW-YES 2007 scientific programme