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The WWW-YES-France-2009 provisional program

by Daniel Thevenot, Daniel Thevenot - published on , updated on

Provisional programme

The WWW-YES-France-2009 workshop will take place from
Tuesday 2nd June 2009 to Friday 5 June 2009 from 9:00 to 18:00.

at Communauté d’Agglomeration du Val de Bievre,
7-9 avenue François Vincent Raspail, 94 114 Arcueil (South of Paris)
(see detailed description)

1/ Oral presentations (DAY 1 - DAY 3)

Each participant has to prepare a 10 min scientific presentation, in English, on his / her research project and be ready for 30 min detailed scientific discussion during the workshop, chaired by the participant in charge of reviewing the manuscript. The attendance is limited to 25 doctoral or post-doctoral students, in order to give enough time for reviewing your manuscript and for such discussions with other participants. Two moderators will be present representing natural and human-social sciences.

The workshop topic "Urban waters, resource or risks" is open, i.e. not targeted towards a specific scientific field. Each participant should use at least 2 keywords (in addition to "urban water") in his/her paper from the following list:

  • collecting systems,
  • contaminants,
  • creek revitalization,
  • decision support systems,
  • developing countries,
  • diffuse pollution,
  • discharges,
  • drainage,
  • ecological sanitation, ECOSAN
  • ecosystem,
  • eutrophication
  • flooding,
  • gender issues,
  • geopolitcs,
  • IWRM
  • management,
  • modelling,
  • micro pollutants (organic or inorganic),
  • North-South collaboration.
  • overflow,
  • pathogens,
  • politics,
  • pollution,
  • quality,
  • rainwater harvesting,
  • recycling (water or nutrients),
  • re-use,
  • risk assessment,
  • sanitation,
  • sewers,
  • social conflicts,
  • source control,
  • sustainable development,
  • toxicity,
  • treatment,
  • [urban water],
  • water resources,
  • waste water,
  • water born diseases.

Since 2008, all participants are offered to publish their paper in an Open Source specific collection ( ). A selection of papers is also proposed for publication as WWW-YES proceedings.

2/ Field visit (DAY 2)

A half-day technical visit is organised in the field of urban drainage, stormwater source control or waste water treatment. The visit is accompanied by a senior scientist to ensure the transfer of knowledge. Special emphasis is given to the plant justification and the understanding of its operation.

3/ Collaborative projects (DAY 3 - DAY 4)

During the last 2 days of the workshop, the participants are invited to build multidisciplinary groups of 4-5 persons. Each group prepares a proposal for international scientific research, under the guidance of senior experts. The topics of these proposals are defined with the help of actors of French decentralized cooperation in the field of water supply and sanitation, or with academic searchers.
For better understanding of such role game, this collective proposal preparation is introduced by a short course about scientific proposal writing and accompanied by senior scientists who have all experienced European research projects. Each research proposal results both into a one-page ‘expression of interest’ distributed to participants and into an oral presentation and discussion with a panel of senior scientists and practitioners. The aims are to learn how to justify all aspects of an international research project and to help participants to possibly obtain a support for future environmental research projects.