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The WWW-YES-2009-France programme

Scientific program incl. presentation and paper files

by Daniel Thevenot - published on , updated on

Detailed program

The WWW-YES-France-2009 workshop has taken place from
Tuesday 2nd June 2009 to Friday 5 June 2009 from 8:30 to 18:00.

at Communaute d’Agglomeration du Val de Bievre,
7-9 avenue François Vincent Raspail, 94 114 Arcueil (South of Paris)
(see detailed description)

Participants to the 8th edition of the WWW-YES workshop

WWW-YES-2009-France participants
Participants to the 8th edition of the WWW-YES workshop
Olivier MEIER (Festival de l’Oh)

1/ Oral research presentations (2 to 4 June 2009)

Each participant has prepared a 10 min scientific presentation, in English, on his / her research project and was ready for 30 min detailed scientific discussion during the workshop, also exclusively in English, chaired by the workshop participant in charge of reviewing his/her manuscript.

The oral presentation (ca. 10 slides) especially focused on:
- The scientific context of the research subject,
- The research questions that are expected to be answered during the PhD preparation, together with their environmental justification,
- The field and/or lab and/or model methodologies that are currently or will be used, together with their justification for addressing the questions presented before,
- One or two major results obtained so far,
- The planned research activity till the end of the PhD (or after its termination, in the case of a PhD which is already finished).

Workshop participants were reminded of the large diversity of background knowledge within their colleagues, i.e. from natural to human sciences: thus these oral presentations were extremely clear and well illustrated, allowing non-specialists of the research field to understand the raised environmental questions and the applied methods.

Each participant received on 27 April 2009 a manuscript to review, using a referee report form: this review was expected to be filled and sent back prior to 18 May 2009 to Daniel Thevenot, who then sent these reports to the author of the refereed manuscript. Thus WWW-YES-2009-France participants were ready, after their oral presentation, to answer to comments and questions raised by his/her referee.

As for previous editions since 2008, all participants were offered to publish their paper in an Open Source specific WWW-YES-France collection (HAL): 13 papers have been published within the 16 papers orally presented.

A printed version of the proceedings draft version was given to each participant upon arrival. In the meanwhile a light version of this document was available below: due to file size limitations on this server, all photographs and numerous illustrations have been deleted.

2/ Field visit (3 June 2009)

A half-day technical visit is organised on 2 sites of the Bievre river which upstream reach is natural (open air) whereas its lower part is underground (urban run-off sewer). One of the environmental goals of the Communaute d’Agglomeration du Val de Bievre (CAVB), hosting the WWW-YES-2009-France workshop, is to progressively "re-open" the Bievre River in its lower part. Two significant Bievre river/sewer equipments have been visited: Parc des Pres (Fresnes) where the river has partially returned to its original open-air course and avenue Floquet retention system (L’Hay-les-Roses) where underground and surface retention tanks prevent flooding during storm events. This visit was accompanied by a senior scientist to ensure the transfer of knowledge.

Detailed workshop program

subject to possible changes in case of visa delivery difficulties

Tuesday 2 June

Conf. nbConf. time FAMILY NAME First Name University Title of presentation
8:30 THEVENOT Daniel Universite Paris-Est WWW-YES-2009 participants welcome
9:15 MEIER Olivier Val-de-Marne county Official opening of the 8th WWW-YES workshop
9:30 METAIRIE Christian Val-de-Bievre municipalities cluster Official opening of the 8th WWW-YES workshop
9:45 Presentation of each WWW-YES-2009 participant
10:30 Break

Session 1. Integrated water management (flood vulnerability)

Conf. nbConf. time FAMILY NAME First Name Nationality University Title of presentation and paper Paper chairperson and reviewer
1 11:00 ELEUTERIO Julian Brazilian Ecole Nationale du Genie de l’Eau et de l’Environnement de Strasbourg Uncertainty on flood damage assessment: the challenges of assessing and combining hydraulic and vulnerability data RIOUST Emilie
2 11:40 RIOUST Emilie French Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées Resilience of sewage service to climate uncertainty. Analysis of the management of sewer overflows in Parisian subrubs ELEUTERIO Julian

Session 2. Integrated water resource management

Conf. nbConf. time FAMILY NAME First Name Nationality University Title of presentation and paper Paper chairperson and reviewer
4 12:20 EWEMOJE Temitayo Nigerian University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria Potentials and projections of freshwater resources in Sub-Saharan Africa; focus on Nigeria OUTTARA Koffi Nouho
13:00 Lunch
14:15 Group set-up
7 14:45 MEDINA Marcos Walter Argentina Universidad de Deusto The cooperativism and the management of the water in average cities in Argentina. The sample of de City of Obera OMRANI Nizar
8 15:25 OMRANI Nizar Tunisian University of Karlsruhe Dilemma of fossil water management within Southern Tunisia oases: vulnerability to salt under intensive use context MEDINA Marcos Walter
9 16:05 RODRIGUEZ SANCHEZ Juan Pablo Colombian Imperial College London Integrated management and modelling in urban drainage systems: the potentialities in a developing megacity Van ROOIJEN Daniel
16:45 Presentation of project topics
17:300 End of session
19:00 Mardis de l’Eau: 2 documentary films on water in Niger and Mali (Espace Jean-Vilar, Arcueil)

Wednesday 3 June

Conf. nbConf. time FAMILY NAME First Name Nationality University Title of presentation and paper Paper chairperson and reviewer
10 8:30 Van ROOIJEN Daniel Dutch Loughborough University Urbanization, water demand and sanitation in large cities of the developing world: an introduction to studies carried out in Accra, Addis Ababa and Hyderabad RODRIGUEZ SANCHEZ Juan Pablo
11 9:10 EL MUFLEH Amelene French Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées Characterisation and modelling of the interactions between pollutants and solid matrix in mixed contaminated urban soils CARSTEA Elfrida
12 9:50 CARSTEA Elfrida Romanian National Institute of R&D for Optoelectronics / University of Bucharest, Faculty of Physics Evaluation of the anthropogenic impact on surface water systems: case of Lower Arges Basin, Romania EL MUFLEH Amelene
10:30 Break

Session 3. Water resource (hydrology)

Conf. nbConf. time FAMILY NAME First Name Nationality University Title of presentation and paper Paper chairperson and reviewer
13 11:10 METT Michael German University of Innsbruck Optical satellite pictures - The up to date source for discharge determination in arid countries OUESLATI Ons
14 11:50 OUESLATI Ons Tunisian Basilicata university- Potenza Trend detection in river runoff across Mediterranean river basins: evaluation of results from Moroccan case study METT Michael
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Technical visit of the Bievre river/sewer equipments: Parc des Pres (Fresnes) and avenue Floquet retention system (L’Hay-les-Roses)
17:30 Break and conference room set-up
19:00 Buffet diner
19:30 OLIVA Jean Claude French Discussion moderator Drinking water management: an international survey (presentation and discussion with Val de Bievre elected representatives and citizens): translation to/from English available
21:00 End of public conference

Thursday 4 June

Session 4. Water resource (quality)

Conf. nbConf. time FAMILY NAME First Name Nationality University Title of presentation and paper Paper chairperson and reviewer
16 8:30 OUATTARA Koffi Nouho Ivorian Universite Libre de Bruxelles Microbiological water quality in rivers of the Scheldt drainage network (Belgium): impact of urban wastewater release EWEMOJE Temitayo
17 9:10 POLARD Audrey Belgian Université Libre de Bruxelles Pollution control cost valuation for Scheldt watershed contamination SINGH Vijaya
18 9:50 SINGH Vijaya Indian Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, INDIA Toxicity analysis and public health aspects of municipal landfill leachate: a case study of Okhla landfill, Delhi POLARD Audrey
10:30 Break

Session 5. Water treatment

Conf. nbConf. time FAMILY NAME First Name Nationality University Title of presentation and paper Paper chairperson and reviewer
19 11:00 ZENG Na Chinese University of Glasgow Prospective application of microbial fuel cell technology in developing countries - taking China as an example LIADY Mouhamadou Nourou Dine
20 11:40 LIADY Mouhamadou Nourou Dine Beninese University of Liege (Belgium) & University of Abomey-calavi (Benin) Contribution to the modeling of shellfish zooplankton production in wastewater stabilization ponds (WSP) ZENG Na
12:20 Lunch
13:35 Thevenot Daniel Research cooperation project: introduction
13:50 Research cooperation project: preparation
19:00 End of session

Friday 5 June

Conf. nbConf. time Title of activity
8:30 Research cooperation project: summary preparation
10:00 Break
10:30 Research cooperation project: presentation preparation
12:30 Lunch
13:45 Research cooperation project: presentation & discussion
16:15 Research cooperation project: classification (ballot)
16:35 Farewell drink
18:00 End of workshop

View online : Proceedings of the WWW-YES-2009-Fr edition