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The WWW-YES-2009-France survey on drinking water management

by Daniel Thevenot - published on , updated on


In the evening of Wednesday 3 June, all WWW-YES-2009-France participants were invited to take part to a public discussion session with citizens of the Bievre River valley on the topic of "Drinking water management: results of an international survey conducted by young environmental scientists". Translation to/from English facilities were offered to the workshop participants, so that they understand the questions raised by the public in French and were able to reply in English.

Thus each participant has received a survey table which was sent back to Daniel Thevenot. 2-3 voluntary workshop participants prepared an English summary of the surveyed towns and presented it orally to the public together with the necessary illustrations. Workshop participants were asked specific questions on the town which they have studied for this survey.

Survey results

Survey table

WWW-YES-2009-France water survey

Drinking water situation within 20 town surveyed by participants to the 8th edition of the WWW-YES workshop, from South America, to China, through Europe and Africa.

Oral presentation of the survey results

Oral presentation of the WWW-YES-2009-France drinking water survey

Presentation prepared by:

- Elfrida CARSTEA (Romania),
- Julian ELEUTERIO (Brazil),
- Daniel VAN-ROOIJEN (The Netherlands).