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The WWW-YES-2009-France cooperation research projects

Friday 12 June 2009, by Daniel Thevenot

Collaborative research projects (4 & 5 June 2009)

During the last 2 days of the workshop, the participants were invited to build multidisciplinary groups of 4 persons. Each group prepared a proposal for international scientific research, under the guidance of senior experts. The topics of these proposals were defined with the help of academic searchers.

For better understanding of such role game, this collective proposal preparation was introduced by a short course about scientific proposal writing and accompanied by senior scientists who have all experienced European research projects. Each research proposal resulted both into a one-page ‘expression of interest’ distributed to participants and into an oral presentation and discussion with a panel of senior scientists and practitioners. The aims were to learn how to justify all aspects of an international research project and to help participants to possibly obtain a support for future environmental research projects.

Group Participants Project title Acronym Rank
A CARSTEA Elfrida, EWEMOJE Temitayo, OUESLATI Ons & POLARD Audrey Climate change and population growth impact on coastal aquifers (abstract, presentation) ACCICMA 3
B EL MUFLEH Amelène, OMRANI Nizar, SINGH Vijaya & Van ROOIJEN Daniel Wastewater Reuse Optimization in Hot Weather Urban Environments (abstract, presentation) WOW 4
C ELEUTERIO Julian, LIADY Mouhamadou Nourou Dine, MEDINA Marcos Walter & OUATTARA Koffi Nouho Revitalization of Water and Human Quality of Life (abstract, presentation) RH2QL 2
D METT Michael, RIOUST Emilie, RODRIGUEZ SANCHEZ Juan Pablo & ZENG Na Satellite Urban Water Observatory Initiative (abstract, presentation) SUWOBI 1