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The WWW-YES-2009-Brazil cooperative research project

by Daniel Thevenot - published on

Collaborative research project building-up

27-30 October 2009 - half-day sessions

At the start of the workshop, participants built multidisciplinary groups of 4-5 persons. Each group prepared a proposal for international scientific research, under the guidance of senior experts. The topics of these proposals were defined with the help of actors of decentralized cooperation in the field of water supply and sanitation, or with academic searchers.

For better understanding of such role game, this collective proposal preparation was introduced by a short course about scientific proposal writing and accompanied by senior scientists who have all experienced European research projects.

Each research proposal resulted both into a one-page ‘Expression of Interest (EoI)’ distributed to participants and into an oral presentation and discussion with a panel of senior scientists and practitioners on the afternoon of Friday 30 October 2009. The aims of this scientific exercise are to learn how to justify all aspects of an international research project and to help participants to possibly obtain a support for future environmental research projects.

Tuesday 27 October

8:30 Presentation of cooperative project topics by Martin SEIDL

Time NAME First name University Activity
13:15 THEVENOT Daniel Université Paris-Est Cooperative research project: introduction
13:30 Cooperative research project: preparation
17:50 End of session

Thursday 29 October

Time Activity
13:35 Cooperative research project: preparation of abstract and presentation
18:00 End of session

Friday 30 October

Time Activity
8:30 Cooperative research project: preparation and delivery of abstract
10:00 Coffee break
10:30 Cooperative research project: preparation and delivery of presentation
12:30 Lunch
13:45 Cooperative research project: presentation & discussion
14:00 River Transposition Impacts Study- RiTIS: EoI & presentation
14:30 Pampulha Lake Free-: Pampulha phytosanitary restauration experience: EoI and presentation
15:00 Water Resources Management & Climate Changes WaRM-CC: EoI & presentation
15:30 Clarifying Limits of Implementing Urban River Restoration CLIUR: EoI & presentation
16:15 Cooperative research project: classification (ballot)
16:35 Farewell party
18:00 End of workshop