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The WWW-YES-2010 water survey

Tuesday 8 June 2010, by Daniel Thevenot

Public discussion on drinking water management (Tuesday 1st June 2010 evening)

In the evening of Tuesday 1st June, all WWW-YES-2010 participants were invited to take part to a public discussion session with institutions, associations and citizens of the Bièvre valley on the topic of "Drinking water management: results of an international survey conducted by young environmental scientists".

This public discussion took place at Jean Vilar picture theatre (few hundred meters from CAVB buildings at Arcueil) after a film presentation. This English speaking film "The Water Diary" by Jane Campion, is part of the film set "8" corresponding to the 8 Millennium Development Goals. Translation to/from English was offered to the workshop participants, so that they all could understand the questions raised by the French public and were able to reply in English and be understood by the public.

Thus each selected participant did receive, an html link to an on-line survey questionnaire which has been filled prior to 6 April 2010 on a city of his/her choice (except for cities which have been surveyed by participants of past WWW-YES editions). For the same deadline, each participant has send to Daniel Thevenot 3 JPG picture files illustrating the drinking water equipment and/or problems on the selected city as well as a map of the country indicating the city location.

Three voluntary workshop participants have prepared an English summary presentation of the surveyed towns during the 2010 and both 2009 editions of the WWW-YES workshop. They presented it orally to the public attending this meeting. During the discussion, workshop participants were asked specific questions on the city which they will have selected for this survey ans well as on general water related issues (water governance, gender issues...).

In order to improve this public presentation and discussion, a rehearsal has been performed, in the presence of only WWW-YES-2010 participants, on Monday 31 May afternoon.

Presentation file shown to the public audience: detailed heavy PDF version (3 Mb) or light version - 2 slides by page (300 kb)