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The WWW-YES-2011 detailled programme

Tuesday 24 May 2011, by Daniel Thevenot

The WWW-YES-2011 workshop will take place from Monday 6 June to Friday 10 June, from 8:30 to 18:00, at Communauté d’Aglomération du Val de Bièvre CAVB (see venue). Except for Monday 6 June, all scientific sessions and lunches will take place, in an informal way, within the meeting hall ’Salle du Conseil) of this local institution. On Monday 6 June, all activities shall be held at Arcueil city hall (Hotel de Ville d’Arcueil) within the main meeting hall (Salle du Conseil). See detailed map and location addresses on the venue article).

See the detailed programme at the end of this article.

WWW-YES workshop proceedings (draft PDF version): cover & text (4 Mb): a printed version will be distributed to all participants at workshop opening.

Official opening of the workshop (Monday 6 June at Arcueil city hall)

Within a short morning session open to hosting institutions at Arcueil city hall, the CAVB, the Arcueil municipality and the Conseil General du Val de Marne (CG94), the 11th edition of the WWW-YES workshop will be officially opened and participants will briefly introduce themselves, their academic institution and their ongoing research activity.

Oral presentations (6 to 9 June)

Each participant has prepared and uploaded prior to 6 April a 6-10 page manuscript following the suggested format.

Each participant has prepared a 10 min scientific presentation, in English, on his / her research project and will be ready for 30 min detailed scientific discussion during the workshop, also exclusively in English, chaired by the workshop participant in charge of reviewing his/her manuscript.

The oral presentation (ca. 10 slides) will be especially focussed on:

 The scientific context of the research subject,
 The research questions that are expected to be answered during the PhD preparation, together with their environmental justification,
 The field and/or lab and/or model methodologies that are currently or will be used, together with their justification for addressing the questions presented before,
 One or two major results obtained so far,
 The planned research activity till the end of the PhD (or after its termination, in the case of a PhD which is already finished),
 The significance and limitations of these methodologies for developing countries.

Workshop participants have been reminded of the large diversity of background knowledge within their colleagues, i.e. from natural to human sciences: thus these oral presentations were expected to be extremely clear and well illustrated, allowing non-specialists of the research field to understand the raised environmental questions and the applied methods.

Each participant has received a manuscript to review, using a referee report form: this review was expected to be filled and sent back prior to 26 April to Daniel Thevenot, who then sent these reports to the author of the manuscript. Thus WWW-YES participants will be ready, after their oral presentation, to answer to comments and questions raised by his/her referee.

As for previous editions since 2008, all participants will be offered to publish their paper in an Open Source specific WWW-YES-2010 collection on HAL: see at this site the 11 published manuscripts.

A printed version of the proceedings draft version will be given to each participant upon arrival. In addition, a PDF version of this document is available on the web (4.2 Mb).

Field visit (Tuesday 7 June afternoon)

A half-day technical visit on urban water issues will be organised at several sites of Bièvre valley, upstream to Arcueil. Herve Cardinal at the SIAVB (Verrieres-le-Buisson) will explain the river management upstream the highly urbanised part of the river where it becomes a domestic underground sewer. A visit of one of the hydraulic regulation lakes will follow. Finally, participants will discover parts of the Bièvre River where it has been re-opened, in the middle of a newly designed park (Parc des Pres). This visit will be accompanied by Daniel Thevenot and Martin Seidl to ensure the transfer of knowledge and the discussion with the representatives of the local water authority.

Scientific programme (6 to 10 June)

Monday 6 June at Arcueil city hall

Official opening of the workshop

Time FAMILY NAME First Name University Title of presentation
8:30 THEVENOT Daniel University Paris-Est WWW-YES-2011 participants welcome
9:00 ROSSIGNOL Joseph Val-de-Marne county Official opening of the 11th WWW-YES workshop
9:15 METAIRIE Christian Val-de-Bievre Official opening of the 11th WWW-YES workshop
9:30 Short presentation of each WWW-YES participant
10:30 Break

Session 1. Water management

Conf. time FAMILY NAME First Name University Title of presentation and paper Paper chairperson and reviewer
1 11:00 BERNAL PEDRAZA Andrea Yolima Instituto Politecnico Nacional Local development in peri-urban and rural areas based on co-management for small water supplies in Colombia NIETO TOLOSA Matias
2 11:40 CUNHA Davi University of Sao Paulo (USP) A novel integrated concept of urban water management in a megalopolis from Latin America (São Paulo, Brazil): risk or opportunity? BERNAL Andrea
3 12:20 FLORES Rafael Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Distinction between privatization of services and commodification of goods: the case of the water supply in Porto Alegre SOYER Mathilde
13:00 Buffet lunch and group set-up

Collaborative research project

Conf. time Title of presentation and paper
13:00 Buffet lunch and group set-up
14:00 Presentation of research cooperation project topics by SEIDL Martin
14:30 Selection of research cooperation project topic by each group
15:00 Research cooperation project building-up methodology: an introduction by THEVENOT Daniel
15:30 Rehearsal of presentation and discussion of drinking water survey summary by ‘summary team members’
18:00 End of session

Tuesday 7 June at CAVB

Session 1. Water management (follow.)

Conf. time FAMILY NAME First Name University Title of presentation and paper Paper chairperson and reviewer
4 8:30 HU Fang-yu Universite Paris-Est Interaction between urban form/pattern and its hydrology. Taking the flood risk in consideration in urban spatial organisation. Taipei case study CUNHA Davi
5 9:10 NIETO TOLOSA Matias Technical University of Madrid Urban Hydro-Sociology: analysis of the mutual care between waters and citizenship in Brazil HU Fang-yu
6 9:50 SOYER Mathilde Universite Paris-Est Improvement in urban storm water management: analysing the innovation process through the three observatories of urban hydrology in France FLORES Rafael
10:30 Break

Session 2. Water quality

Conf. time FAMILY NAME First Name University Title of presentation and paper Paper chairperson and reviewer
7 11:00 ORLOFSKY Ezra Ben-Gurion University Science Based Monitoring for Produce Safety: The Correlation between Fecal Indicator Bacteria and Pathogens in Effluent Irrigated Tomatoes CLADIERE Mathieu
8 11:40 GHERVASE Luminita University of Bucharest Antropic influence on lakes water quality – case study of Bucharest city FADEL Ali
12:20 Buffet lunch

Field visit and public meeting

Time Title of activity
13:20 Bus transportation Technical visit of the Bievre river/sewer equipments: SIAVB (upstream Bievre management) and Parc des Pres (Fresnes)
17:30 Break and walk to the Jean Vilar picture theater (Arcueil): presentation equipment set-up
19:00 Buffet diner
19:30 Public presentation of of documentary film on the Ganges River (“Ganga Maya” by Agathe De Valence, 2001, 20 min)
20:00 THEVENOT Daniel discussion moderator Public presentation of the WWW-YES international survey on drinking water management: presentation and discussion with Val de Bievre citizen (translation to/from English available)
21:30 End of meeting

Wednesday 8 June at CAVB

Session 2. Water quality (follow.)

Conf. time FAMILY NAME First Name University Title of presentation and paper Paper chairperson and reviewer
9 8:30 SILVA Talita Universite Paris-Est Modelling cyanobacteria dynamics in urban lakes: an integrated approach including watershed hydrologic modelling ORLOFSKY Ezra
10 9:10 FADEL Ali University of Cagliari A coupled hydrodynamic biological model for cyanobacteria dynamics in reservoirs EWEMOJE Oluseyi Elisabeth
11 9:50 DE BOUTRAY Marie-Laure Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal Biological Treatment vs Monitoring and Lake Ecosystem Modeling: 2 different approaches to assess cyanobacterial bloom GHERVASE Luminita
10:30 Break

Collaborative research project

Time Title of activity
11:00 Research cooperation project: preparation
12:30 Buffet lunch
13:30 Research cooperation project: preparation
18:00 End of session

Thursday 9 June at CAVB

Session 3. Water treatment

Conf. time FAMILY NAME First Name University Title of presentation and paper Paper chairperson and reviewer
12 8:30 CLADIERE Mathieu University Paris-Est Creteil Discharges of endocrine disrupting chemicals by combined sewer overflows into receiving water: case-study of the Paris conurbation LIM Jun Wei
13 9:10 EWEMOJE Oluseyi Elizabeth University of Ibadan, Ibadan Use of Pilot Scale Horizontal Sub Surface Flow Constructed Wetlands for Phytoremediation of Primary Lagoon Effluents SILVA Talita
14 9:50 LIM Jun Wei Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Anaerobic Co-digestion of Brown Water and Food Waste for Energy Recovery HOSSEINI Seyed
15 10:30 HOSSEINI Seyed Mohammad USM, Iran Optimization of NaOH thermo-chemical pretreatment process for enhancing solubilization of rice straw by Response Surface Methodology in order to prevention of water resource pollution DE BOUTRAY Marie Laure
11:10 Break

Collaborative research project

Time Title of activity
11:40 Research cooperation project: preparation
12:30 Buffet lunch
13:30 Research cooperation project: summary preparation (EoF)
15:30 Research cooperation project: presentation preparation (PPT)
18:00 End of session

Friday 10 June at CAVB

Collaborative research project

Time Title of activity
8:30 Presentation equipment set-up
9:00 Research cooperation project presentation & discussion by each group
11:30 Research cooperation project: classification (ballot)
12:00 Celebration of the winner group around a glass
12:30 Farewell lunch & workshop evaluation by participants
14:00 End of workshop

WWW-YES-2011 draft proceedings
Draft version of the proceedings of the WWW-YES-2011 workshop

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