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Last call for the WWW-YES-2012 edition

by Daniel Thevenot - published on , updated on

Condition for application to the 12th edition of WWW-YES workshop

(Arcueil, France, 20-26 May 2012)

1/ To be involved within a PhD or post-doctoral program within a scientific institution, or to have finished a PhD since less than 3 years,

2/ To be less than 40 years old at the date of application,

3/ To be able to participate the whole duration

4/ To be able to communicate in English

5/ To present a topic in the field of urban waters

6/ To raise either from local, national or international institutions the funds necessary for travelling to/from Paris (WWW-YES workshop does not support any travel costs).


The workshop topic "Urban waters" is open, i.e. not targeted towards a specific scientific field. Each participant should use at least 2 keywords (in addition to "urban water") in his/her paper from the following list:

- collecting systems,
- contaminants,
- creek revitalization,
- decision support systems,
- developing countries,
- diffuse pollution,
- discharges,
- drainage,
- ecological sanitation, ECOSAN
- ecosystem,
- eutrophication
- flooding,
- gender issues,
- geopolitics,
- management,
- modelling,
- micro pollutants (organic or inorganic),
- North-South collaboration.
- overflow,
- pathogens,
- politics,
- pollution,
- quality,
- rainwater harvesting,
- recycling (water or nutrients),
- re-use,
- risk assessment,
- sanitation,
- sewers,
- social conflicts,
- source control,
- sustainable development,
- toxicity,
- treatment,
- [urban water],
- water resources,
- waste water,
- water born diseases.


If the application is selected, accept to prepare in English:

i/ a manuscript (6-10 p) and a oral presentation (10 min ),

ii/ a review report on a designated manuscript and to chair a 30 min discussion of the related oral presentation,

iii/ a survey report on the drinking water management of a town (selected within the birth or working country).


At the same level of application quality, candidates issued from developing countries are prioritized.

Procedure for application to the 12th edition of WWW-YES

(Arcueil, France, 20 - 26 May 2012)

The registration form (on-line procedure) for the WWW-YES-2012 workshop was accessible here (inactive link, application closed since 12 January 2012).

Applications and revisions of application forms were expected before 5 January 2012. (Any further inquiry should be sent by mail to the organizing comittee).


Besides an automatic acknowledgement of each application form, an individual e-mail message is sent shortly after reception of each application form, together with possible questions on specific application fields. Accordingly, candidates are possibly invited to revise on line their application form.


After examination of all received applications, all applicants will be informed of the acceptance or refusal of their application in January 2012. Upon acceptance of their application, candidates will have to finalize their registration before 4 April 2012 :


- By uploading to the WWW-YES web site using the same procedure and link than for registration (active link, opening a new window: this upload procedure will be available in February 2012) a 6-10 page paper written in English, related to the proposed presentation, in order to prepare the workshop proceedings. The paper should be produced using Microsoft Word and the WWW-YES template file (file attached below). The file to upload, should be less than 10 Mb. More presentation and content details can be found below in the IWA guidelines (file attached) and WWW-YES check-list for reviewers (file attached below). This task needs to be done before 4 April 2012.

- By preparing a survey report on the drinking water management of a selected city (except for cities surveyed by participants of previous WWW-YES editions) and submitting a survey form, using an html link that will be sent by e-mail, and sending to Daniel Thevenot 3 JPG files illustrating the drinking water equipment and/or problems on the selected city as well as a map of the country locating the selected city. This task needs to be done before 4 April 2012.

- By sending by email to the organizing committee the expected date and time of arrival and departure to/from Paris, for organising the accommodation and the meals at Arcueil. For most participants, accommodation will be extended from the day preceding the workshop to the day after it, i.e. from Sunday evening to Sunday morning.


First announcement of WWW-YES-2012 workshop

Template for preparing your manuscript for the WWW-YES-2012 workshop

Checklist for reviewing WWW-YES-2012 papers