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The WWW-YES-2012 drinking water survey

by Daniel Thevenot - published on

Public meeting: 22 May 2012

Thanks for the festival de l’Oh! and the Val-de-Marne county, the Jean Vilar picture theatre was opened to the public and to the WWW-YES-2012 participants for the evening of Tuesday 22 May.

This hall is conveniently situated at ca. 800 m from the workshop site at 1 Rue Paul Signac, 94110 Arcueil.

The public presentation started by a short fiction film "Histoire d’eau" produced in 1958 by Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut, champions of the French "Nouvelle vague" (12 min),

Godard&Truffaut - Une histoire d’eau par Morpheus51100

Then WWW-YES-2012 participants presented and discussed with a non-specialised public the results of the drinking water surveys conducted since 2009 by WWW-YES participants (5 workshop editions covering 84 cities of the world).

Presentation file of the survey summary prepared and presented by:

  • Maya BENAMI, Israel & USA,
  • Piotr WILINSKI, Poland,
  • Elodie MOULIN, France,
  • Diana BERNAL, Colombia.

See pictures on the photo gallery of the 12th edition.

Drinking water survey: summary presentation
Summary of surveys conducted on 84 cities (2009-2012)