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The WWW-YES-2013 cooperative research projects

by Daniel Thevenot - published on

2013 Cooperative research project building up (3-7 June 2013)

At the start of the workshop, participants were invited to build multidisciplinary groups of 4 persons and to select one of the topic proposals presented by Martin Seidl within actual research topics at LEESU. Within a short period of time (ca. 3 half-days), each group prepared a proposal for international scientific research, under the guidance of senior experts. The topics of these proposals were defined with the help of academic searchers .

For better understanding of such role game, this collective proposal preparation was introduced by a short course on scientific proposal writing and accompanied by Daniel Thevenot who has experienced European research projects.

Each collaborative research proposal resulted both into :

  • a one-page ‘expression of interest’ distributed to participants and
  • an oral presentation and discussion with a panel of senior scientists and practitioners on the morning of Friday 7 June.

The aims of this exercise are to learn how to justify all aspects of an international research project and to help participants to possibly obtain a support for future environmental research projects during or after their PhD preparation.

Monday 3 June at Arcueil city hall

Collaborative research project

Time Title of activity
13:00 Buffet lunch and group set-up
14:00 Presentation of research cooperation project topics by SEIDL Martin
14:30 Selection of research cooperation project topic by each group
15:00 Research cooperation project building-up methodology: an introduction by THEVENOT Daniel

Wednesday 5 June at CAVB

Time Title of activity
13:40 Research cooperation project: preparation
18:00 End of session

Thursday 6 June at CAVB

Time Title of activity
11:00 Research cooperation project preparation
12:30 Buffet lunch
13:10 Research cooperation project: summary preparation (EoF)
16:00 Research cooperation project: presentation preparation (PPT)
18:00 End of session

Friday 7 June at CAVB

Time Title of activity
8:30 Presentation equipment set-up
9:00 Research cooperation project presentation & discussion by each group
11:30 Research cooperation project: classification (ballot)
12:00 Celebration of the winner group around a glass

Actual cooperative research proposals

(under construction)

Research call Research project title Project members
1. Water and urbanisation Reuse of grey water for sustainable community gardens (Greyn Drop) Vincent DELAFONT, Isabelle JALLIFIER-VERNE, Romain MAILLER & Matteo RUBINATO
2. Green infrastructures & urban water control Permeable pavement designs for pollutant removal (P-cubed) Bahram MALEKMOHAMMADI, Behzad NASRI, Erik PORSE & Laetitia ROUX
3. Dual water distribution system Socio-economic & environmental impact of waste water reuse in developing countries (URBEM) Gabriela CABESTANY RUIZ, Abdelaziz HIRICH, Clara ROA-GARCIA & Caroline SOARES
4. Dual water distribution system Reclaimed alternative water (RAW) Remi DE BERCEGOL, Hamideh NOURI, Benoit PREVOST & Manish RAHATE