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WWW-YES 2006: 10 years later

by Daniel Thevenot - published on

10 years later participants to the 2006 edition of the WWW-YES workshop keep communicating together

Group picture of the participants to the 2006 edition of the WWW-YES workshop

More than 10 years ago, they participated to the 5th edition of the WWW-YES workshop on 6-12 May 2006 at Domaine de Cherioux, Vitry-sur-Seine, France. The scientific programme of the workshop and a set of pictures demonstrates their participation.

Introduced by the message below sent by Norma-Angelica Hernandez-Bernal, they keep on exchanging their wishes and news about their professionnal career.

Card sent by Norma Angelica Hernandez-Bernal to her WWW-YES-2006 group members

As co-organiser of the 13 editions of this workshop, I am very proud of such a longevity of contacts, although email adresses are rapidly changing. I remind you that these contact delails are listed both in alphabetical order of family name and by edition group and that I appreciate if you can send me new email addresses either for you or for other participants, so that I could update these tables.

Furthermore, I remind you also that a dedicated LinkedIn group named "Urban water" has been setup for easily following the professional career of its 181 members: Using such a tool, you may easily discuss or contribute to job offers or requests! If you wish to join this group, please inform Daniel Thevenot so that he sends you an official invitation: at the request of its members, this group is not made public and open to anyone.