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Daniel Thevenot

Present position
Emeritus professor in environmental chemistry at LEESU (Universite Paris-Est)

Research interests

  • Urban Hydrology
    • Urban drainage source control: decision support system for selecting, planning and assessing Best Management Practices (BMPs), either structural (terrace roofs, infiltration, storage basins...) or non structural (street cleaning, urban runoff taxes...).
  • Water physics & chemistry
    • Critical budget of metal sources and pathways in the Seine River basin for Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb and Zn: present situation and evolution since ca. 50 years.
    • Sampling of dry, wet and total atmospheric deposits for assessing their metal contamination either in rural or urban areas; development of polymetalic tracors of major urban atmospheric sources.
  • Analytical Bioelectrochemistry
    • Membrane electrochemical biosensors for medical or environmental applications, pesticide biosensors using acetyl choline esterase.
    • Redox potential measurement in natural and waste water: application to biological waste water treatment.

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