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First call for the WWW-YES-2011 workshop

published on 7 October 2010

The first call to candidates for the 11th edition of the WWW-YES workshop has been launched on 7 October 2011
- Application conditions
- Provisional program

11th World Wide Workshop for Young Environmental Scientists - WWW-YES-2011

Call for papers WWW-YES

- Type of event: Workshop
- Geographical Scope: International; developing countries
- Level: PhD, on-going or having finished since less than 3 years
- Language: English
- Starting date: 6 June 2011
- Closing date: 10 June 2011
- Site: Arcueil, south suburb of Paris
- Venue (arrival date at accommodation site): 5 June 2011
- Deadline for on-line application: 14 December 2010

- Description: Since 2002, LEESU organizes within the Water and sustainable development University of Val-de-Marne County, the World Wide Workshop for Young Environmental Scientists (WWW-YES). The thematic guideline of the seminar is ’Urban waters, resource or risks’, inviting the participants to rethink the need for participative and integrated water management in urban areas and the lessons which can be learned from North and South experiences. The five days of the workshop are dedicated both to the presentation, discussion and assessment of individual research and to the building-up of scientific North – South cooperation projects. Admission fees and accommodation are supported by the Val de Marne County, Arcueil municipality and the Communaute d’Agglomeration du Val-de-Bievre (CAVB) for the 20 selected participants who need to find support for their travel costs. All presentations and discussions are exclusively made in English.

- Organizers: LEESU (Universite Paris-Est, AgroParisTech), France - UFMG EHR Brazil - Association H2o Paris
- Contact E-mail:
- Web Address: on-line registration, provisional programme and data on previous editions