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Communs et services urbains : un croisement fructueux ?
Bernard de Gouvello, Sylvy Jaglin
, Metropolis / Université Paris-Est Marne la Vallée 2021, N° 124-125 (2), pp.1-11. ⟨10.3917/flux1.124.0001⟩
Microplastic and microfiber fluxes in the Seine River: Flood events versus dry periods
Robin Treilles, Johnny Gasperi, Romain Tramoy, Rachid Dris, Anaïs Gallard, Chandirane Partibane, Bruno Tassin
, Elsevier, 2021, pp.150123. ⟨10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.150123⟩
Transfer dynamics of macroplastics in estuaries – New insights from the Seine estuary: Part 3. What fate for macroplastics?
R. Tramoy, Johnny Gasperi, L. Colasse, C. Noûs, B. Tassin
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Evaluation of trace metal accumulation in six vegetable crops intercropped with phytostabilizing plant species, in a French urban wasteland
Xavier Laffray, Kamal Toulaïb, Clarisse Balland-Bolou-Bi, Matthieu Bagard, Luis Leitao, David Huguenot, Vanessa Alphonse, Samir Abbad-Andaloussi, Alexandre Livet, Noureddine Bousserrhine, Juliette Leymarie, Anne Repellin
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La spectrométrie de masse haute résolution pour la recherche de micropolluants organiques dans l’environnement
Coralie Soulier, Virginie Boiteux, Patrick Candido, Emilie Caupos, Mathilde Chachignon, Guillaume Couturier, Xavier Dauchy, Marie-Hélène Devier, Mar Esperanza, Aurélie Fildier, Caroline Gardia-Parege, Robin Guibal, Julien Le Roux, Gaëla Leroy, François Lestremau, Sophie Lissalde, Naike Noyon, Anne Piram, Emmanuelle Vulliet, Christelle Margoum
, ASTEE/EDP Sciences, 2021, pp.43-54


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12th Urban Environment Symposium : June 1-3 2015

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12th Urban Environment Symposium : June 1-3 2015 in Oslo, Norway

Dear Colleague,

We would like to inform you that the 12th Urban Environment Symposium will be held in Oslo, Norway on June 1-3 2015. The symposium is organised by Chalmers University of Technology, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) and the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA).

The Urban Environment Symposium is a forum for recent research on all aspects of the urban environment. The first symposium was held in London in 1983 as a meeting place for researchers with a focus on urban pollution. Since then, there has been a growing interest for including other aspects of the urban environment to provide a more extensive cover of this research area. Topics at recent symposia in Gothenburg in 2010 and in Karlsruhe in 2012 included environmental pollution, urban management, climate change, contaminated sites, transportation and mobility. Continuing this tradition the upcoming 12th Urban Environment Symposium will cover a broad range of topics related to the urban environment

Abstract submissions for oral or poster presentations are welcomed on any of the following topics :

  • Environmental Pollution (air, soil, water, noise) and health
  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem services
  • Climate change and Adaptation
  • Modelling of Urban Systems
  • Urban Management
  • Urbanisation in the developing world
  • Future roads

Authors wishing to present papers are invited to submit an abstract by January 31, 2015. Please note that abstracts must be short (less than 300 words, no figures or tables) and should be submitted via the conference website (submission will be available soon). The official language is English. Detailed information is available on the conference website. For additional information, please contact Sebastien Rauch.

We hope to see you in Oslo !

The Organising Committee

  • Sebastien Rauch, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Gregory Morrison, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Sondre Meland, The Norwegian Public Roads Administration
  • Turid Hertel-Aas, The Norwegian Public Roads Administration
  • Kjersti Wike Kronvall, The Norwegian Public Roads Administration
  • Marie Haakensen, The Norwegian Public Roads Administration
  • Sissel Ranneklev, NIVA
  • Anja Synnestvedt Olsen, NIVA
  • Martine Volder, NIVA

Voir en ligne : Conference web site