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The role of turbulence in the deposition of intrinsically buoyant MPs
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Climate change and rivers: The promise offered by infrastructure
Julie Gobert
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A crisis of lake hypoxia in the Anthropocene: The long-term effects of climate and nutrients
Laura Soares, Jean-Philippe Jenny, Olivia Desgué-Itier, Cécilia Barouillet, Damien Bouffard, Céline Casenave, Domaizon Isabelle, Victor Frossard, Nelson Hairston, Andrea Lami, Bruno Lemaire, Gaël Many, Marie-Elodie Perga, Georges-Marie Saulnier, Frédéric Soulignac, Brigitte Vinçon-Leite
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Think global-act local: the challenge of producing actionable knowledge on transboundary climate risks at the sub-national level of governance.
Carlo Aall, Tara Botnen Holm, Adeline Cauchy, Florence Rudolf, Katy Harris, Marta Jansen, Julie Gobert, Frida Lager, Blandine Arvis, Muriel Bour
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A New Technique for Resolving Benthic Solute Fluxes: Evaluation of Conditional Sampling Using Aquatic Relaxed Eddy Accumulation
Guilherme Calabro-Souza, Andreas Lorke, C. Noss, P. Dubois, M. Saad, C. Ramos-Sanchez, R. Moilleron, Brigitte Vinçon-Leite, M. Jodeau, Bruno Lemaire
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C-StaRRE 4.0 research project : 6 December 2023

par Daniel Thevenot - publié le

Closing seminar of the C-StaRRE 4.0 research project of the AURA « Auvergne Rhône Alpes » region 2021-2023 - PAI 2020

C-StaRRE 4.0 : From Sewerage network to Water Resource Recovery Facility : new digital tools for management - Wednesday 6th December 2023 – LYON - FRANCE

This seminar is funded by the AURA « Auvergne Rhône Alpes » region and organised by Claire Valentin and Christian Jallut, LAGEPP.

It will take place on the “LyonTech La Doua” Campus at CPE Grand Council room (2nd floor above the entrance hall), 3 Rue Victor Grignard, Villeurbanne.

Registration is free but mandatory

The registration deadline is 21/11/2023

Workshop programme (PDF)

Marcello SERAO will represent Leesu at this workshop and give an oral presentation entitled :

WP3 : Marcello Serrao, LEESU (ENPC) / modelEAU (ULaval) / SIAAP / W-SMART, Paris, France :
“Contribution of AI to models for predicting the behavior of wastewater treatment plants for
nitrogen removal by biofiltration”

Voir en ligne : Closing seminar of the C-StaRRE 4.0 research project : Registration