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In the global context of increasing consumption of water, energy, resources and global changes (climate, urbanism, population...), the development of sustainable cities is a critical concern.
With numerous interactions with society and institutional and scientific partners, Leesu wants to contribute to the development of urban systems with low environmental footprints.

Research themes 2019-2024

Scientific organisation for 2019 to 2024 in 3 thematic fields

Innovations for the sustainable management of water and of the city

The goal of this research theme is to analyze sociotechnical innovations related to urban water and sanitation management and the associated sectors; and to evaluate their performances, optimize their operation, characterize the conditions and impacts of their potential use

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Functioning, resilience and adaptation of urban water management

This research theme will study the impact of global changes, the resilience and adaptation of urban systems, through a systemic approach of the continuum socio-technique/sector/global system to evaluate at the urban scale the effect of various scenarios of change and the impacts of a deployment of technical solutions and practices

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Ecosystems and natural resources

This research theme will study anthropic pressures and impacts on the environment by developing new indicators of health and environmental impacts on water resources. The approach associating «physical dynamics» and «ecological dynamics» that was developed for urban lakes will be extended to other environmental bodies such as rivers, drainage water and soils.

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Key topics and programs

Key topics and research programs at Leesu


Researchers at Leesu have been studying micropollutants in urban waters for more than 20 years

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Plastic debris

Research related to plastic debris in the urban environment has been growing at Leesu since 2014

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Lakes and reservoirs in metropolitan territories

Leesu has been working for years on research projects about the observation and modeling of lake ecosystems, federating several research teams

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Urban waters reclamation

Studies on urban waters reclamation : alternative water resources for urban and domestic uses, alternative techniques for the management of stormwater, public policies for territories, nutrients reclamation from urine and wastewater

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Research archives

Archives de recherche du Leesu antérieures à 2019

Research themes 2013-2018

Les recherches du Leesu entre 2013 et 2018 se sont articulées autour de trois thèmes

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